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UAE Products and services

Since 1975, we offer tailor-made solutions to our corporate and individual customers thus contributing to the enhancement of various sectors of the real economy among which contracting, industries and trade.

The business model developed in the UAE is adapted to the macro-economic structure of the country whereby personalized services and customer satisfaction rank high on our priority list.

Corporate Banking

-    Working capital facilities: overdraft, cheque discounting, short-term bridge financing are offered to satisfy current and future business needs.

-    Trade finance: our team of professionals with their pristine know-how and efficient service have positioned our bank as a reference in corporate services. Working with our clients' tight schedule and demanding business environment is always our number one priority.

-    Project financing: flexibility to study and analyse any new venture or investment in the market while helping our client making the right choices and financial structure for their success.


Retail Banking:

-    Current accounts: flexible current accounts to fit all customers' banking needs, coupled with minimum maintenance.

-    Term deposits: savings tailored to your convenience with attractive interest rates.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking services are available in order to provide clients with access to manage their accounts on the World Wide Web. Click Here To Download the Online Banking Security Tips 18/05/2015



Additional services:

ATM Card: The BLOM BANK FRANCE ATM Card is a safe alternative to carrying cash in your pocket. As part of NSWITCH, NETWORK and UAE Switch, BLOM BANK FRANCE ATM cards give you access to almost any ATM machine in the UAE.

Please contact your local branch to obtain your free BLOM BANK FRANCE ATM card.

Credit Cards in USD: BLOM BANK FRANCE is able to provide you with a BLOM BANK SAL - Beirut credit card in US Dollars (USD), within 4 working days. All your expenses will be charged on your account on a monthly basis.

Direct Debit Cards: Please note that we are now able to provide our customers with Master Cards in AED that can be used locally as well as worldwide. All expenses will be charged directly to their account with us provided this account presents a positive balance.